Let data run your ads

Take the guesswork out of marketing and let our software run your ad placements, bids and schedules.

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Why choose Adrouter?

Adrouter is an unique product.


One simple interface to manage your ads over multiple platforms. Set up a campaign in minutes


Work with our autopilot and let the algorithms do your work, or take manual control. Its your choice.


We comply with all security and privacy regulations. Your data is fast, reliable and fast.


What can Adrouter do for you.


We generate ads for every platform

No need to build the same ad over and over.

Fill out the ad form, upload media and Adrouter will create the ads for every platform. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Search, Bing, etc. No inconsistent campaigns anymore. Your campain will have the same look over all devices and platforms.

Being personal leads to better sales

Adroute has multiple ways to personalise your ad.

Your ad placement will not only take topic, but also time of day, location, language, and other information in account with every placement. Every day out algorithm learns better ways of placements in produces a better ROI. With advanced data enrichments and retargeting we can personalise every ad.



Never pay too much.

Our algorithms find the best bid on the right time. B constantly changing bid pricing and testing different bid options Adroute can generate the highest ROI.


Have realtime access to your ad's performance.

Our dashboard shows your ad's performance in realtime and every decision adroute makes. You can zoom in on every click, every placement and every impression and find the data behind it. If you want to take over control, you can adjust parameters and see the effects in real time.

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We are in Beta

Currently we are running Adrouter with a select number of agencies in Europe and the US. There are a lot of bugs to fix and algorithms to be tweaked before we can make it publicly available.


Based on a yearly subscription

STARTER $140/m
    10 Campaigns
    100.000 placements/m
    Basic Support
    Reports and analytics
AGENCY $3490/m
    Unlimited Campaigns
    Unlimited Placements
    Reports and analytics
    Web hooks

Frequently Asked Questions

When is adrouter available?

We are currently running in Beta with a select number of agencies. When the amount of bugs are zero for all day to day tasks we are confident to go live.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and paypall trough Stripe payments

Can I change my plan later?

You can always change to a larger plan. Going back to a smaller plan will reset your account and the data within.

Do you have a monthly contract?

All contracts are for a full year.

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